S.NO. Name of the Student Roll No. Degree Discipline Thesis Title
3 Raagjeet Kaur L-2018-A-62-D PhD SOIL SCIENCE Impact of variable quality organic matter and nitrogen levels on rice-wheat productivity, nutrient availability and soil carbon accretion
1 Amina Raheja L-2018-AE-127-D PhD Soil and Water Engineering Soil Moisture Sensor development and evaluation for irrigation scheduling in subsurface drip irrigated Sugarcane
2 Jaideep L-2018-AE-123-D PhD Farm Machinery and Power Engineering Development and control of a suitable robotic manipulator for wash root paddy nursery
4 Ramanpreet Kaur L-2018-A-1-D PhD Agronomy Weed and Water management in wheat (Triticumaestivum L. emend. Fiori et Paol.) grown after different rice (Oryzasativa L.) residue management systems
5 Tarandeep kaur L-2018-A-3-D PhD Agronomy Investigations on water and nutrients utilization through sub-surface drip irrigation in cotton-wheat cropping system