S.NO. Item Actions Implementation Agency Frequency Monitoring Indicators
1 To identify means to attract students to higher agriculture education Institutions to modify their admission process with introduction of better incentives, introducing specialized knowledge-intensive areas, specialized scholarships, awards and rewards and future incentives/job security to those opting agriculture as a career option. Develop new course curriculum focused on Natural Resource Management PAU, Ludhiana Annually Increased student performance rates, and placement rates, disaggregated by gender and SC/ST
2 To improve competency, soft skills and confidence levels The preparation of guidance tools for teachers to transact with students that are culturally or linguistically less exposed to professional technical education / by including English as part of the main syllabus PAU, Ludhiana Continuous Better transition rates for MTech and PhD Students
3 Institution to improve non-cognitive and soft skills including communication and presentation skills through their wide use in curricula / project based work, and where needed, to provide special skills training to students Organization of special workshops or sessions with external experts/ consultants / faculty / senior students PAU, Ludhiana Continuous Improvement in job placement of students, especially among those with disadvantaged backgrounds
4 Give young faculty priority in opportunities to upgrade their domain knowledge To upgrade faculty qualifications and skill in field of NRM PAU, Ludhiana Yearly Increase in the percentage of faculty enrolled for such advanced trainings abroad
5 Make campuses physically and socially gender friendly; especially provide adequate and suitable facilities to women students and faculty To ensure a gender—friendly campus— both ‘soft’ actions by providing ramps, lifts, toilets and hostel facilities, where needed PAU, Ludhiana Actions implemented as proposed Institutions to Provide descriptive reports of actions taken including number of beneficiaries
6 Hold innovative and knowledge sharing Workshops yearly to improve knowledge sharing The institutions to organize workshops with thematic focus PAU, Ludhiana Yearly Number of Workshops conducted/ Participants attended and thematic areas covered
7 Special efforts for training/ internship/ placement of weak students in industry By greater networking with industry PAU, Ludhiana Regular Percent of students benefiting due to industry linkages (limited placement services)
8 A two tier grievance redress mechanism (GRM) Introduce and publicize widely a two tier GRM at the (i) institution; (ii) PIU. In addition to a hotline (telephone), an email address would ensure anonymity PAU, Ludhiana Continuous Number of grievances received and time taken to resolve
9 Ensure that institutional mechanisms to protect and address the needs and concerns of women students are established Strengthen/ establish Gender Committees in each collaborating department PAU, Ludhiana Continuous Policy on human resource management for students management and ensuring their participation
10 Peer Learning Groups of students Develop Peer Learning Groups of students for joint study and joint projects (Senior student and faculty may be the resource person) PAU, Ludhiana Continuous Increased rate of students performance
11 Appointing Student Mentors and Faculty Advisers for Students Assigning Student mentors for 6-8 junior students and Appointing Faculty Advisers for 10-15 Students/student mentors. Faculty Advisors can guide the students and monitor their progress PAU, Ludhiana Continuous Increased rate of students performance