Environmental Sustainability PLAN (ESP)

1. Name of the AU : Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
2. Name of the PI : Dr O P Choudhary
3. Name of Nodal Officer : Dr Dhanwinder Singh
4. Contact number : +91-9988246643

S.NO. Proposed Interventions/Activities Compliances applicable Possible Environmental Impacts Mitigation Measures Scope for the integration of best practices under environmental Sustainability concerns Resources Required (budget, technical support etc.)
1 Laboratory renovation Laboratory renovation 1. Existing lighting and aeration arrangements is energy intensive
2. Power supply is erratic
3. Lack of fire safety measures
1. Integrate solar passive as part of renovation considering the following parameters viz., sufficient space, ventilation, lighting,etc.
2. Provision of standby source for power supply to sensitive and costly equipment is ensured. Proper earthing is done for human and equipment safety
3. Laboratories were equipped with fire fighting facilities. Fire safety instruction displayed in the form of poster and orientation to all students, staff and non-teaching staff
1. Regular and stabilized electricity supply should be ensured.
2. Most of the required power consumption needs are now met through Solar PV Cells installed at the roof of the departments
1. For standby source for power supply Rs. 20000/- for 5 laboratories =100000.00/-
2. Fire extinguishers (@ Rs.3000 per unit) = Rs. 30000/-
2 UG practicals and experiments Environment Protection Act (1986) Hazardous Wastes Management and Handling Rules (1989 and Amendment Rules, 2000 & 2003) Disposal of laboratory waste (chemicals and biological) in to open gutter may contaminate the soil, ground water ,etc. Construction of separate outlet for collection, and disposal of the waste through common effluent treatment plant (CETP) for which permission is taken from the PC For 5 laboratories (@Rs 60,000/-) =300000/-